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Susan and Martha

Petunia Paris Designs represents talented artists acting as a curator for select jewelry designers. The vision is to expose emerging jewelry artists through marketing and development using her extensive travel experience. We will accomplish this networking mission by holding "Invitation Only" Home shows and showcasing certain contemporary and classical lines at select gallery locations. With an eye for interior design and architectural design, Susan will focus on Organic Design and Wearable Art. Since the beginning of 2015, Susan and her Mother, Martha, have been setting up their company Petunia Paris Designs LLC of which part of their proceeds will be going to charity.  If you are wondering where the name comes from, it is quite simple. Susan's beloved 10 year old West Highland White Terrier's AKA registered name is Lily Bay Petunia Paris.

As a Jewelry Curator, Susan represents original jewelry designers who create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Each artist has a signature style reflecting their personality and passion for jewelry design. All jewelry is a hand fabricated work of art individually inspired by talented artisans.


As a metal artist, she creates contemporary jewelry from unexpected combinations of precious and non-precious materials in forms well beyond traditional jewelry concepts.

Jewelry Certificate Program at

The Corcoran College of Art and Design


The Jewelry certificate program is designed for students who wish to aquire the technical skills required to create jewelry, and experiment with alternative appraches to art jewelry and jewelry's function. Students will lean basic and advances fabrication skills, casting techniques, basic stone setting, and the use of color, connections, clasps, and the history and design of jewelry. Throughout the program, students will conceptualize and create their own designs in metal.



JE1200   Introduction to Jewelry

JE1210    Introduction to Jewelry 2

JE2200   Intermediate Jewelry

JE3200   Advance Jewelry Studio



Metalworking & Fabrication

Casting Techniques

Basic Stone Setting

Experimental Enamel

Connections & Clasps

Advancing your Skills

Susan Ostrowski

When Susan M. Ostrowski, a Financial Advisor, reached the quarter of a century mark in her career,  she decided to explore her creative side.  Jewelry classes at The Corcoran School of Art & Design in Washington, DC seemed like a logical choice. During the Summer of 2010, she traveled from NEPA to Georgetown on a weekly basis to begin a 10 course (15 credit) Jewelry Certificate Program. This course is designed for students who wish to acquire the technical skills required to create jewelry, and experiment with alternative approaches to art jewelry and jewelry's function.  Susan had previously been exposed to the Jewelry World when her mother had founded and owned a Jewelry store for 15 years over 15 years ago!  As her career in the brokerage industry came to a close after running a successful Investment Business passed down to her by her Father, Robert, Susan transitioned from a First Vice-President of Investments to a full time student. During her 4 year training, Susan met several talented and interesting artists who conceptualized and created their own unique designs.

Throughout the program she and her colleagues learned basic and advanced fabrication skills, metalworking, casting techniques, wax carving, basic stone setting, experimental enamel, and the use of color, connections, clasps. The final course, Advanced Jewelry Studio, was a culmination of the general jewelry classes. This is where Susan designed and created a portfolio of work around a central theme or theory using all the skills she learned previously.

You could say that Susan has a passion for Jewelry Design that equals her love for animals. She is very active in The Humane Society. In 2013, Susan was a Co-Chair of Fashion For Paws 7th Annual Runway Show and Top Fundraiser Winner (Super Model Status) raising $37,500 toward the goal of $750,000 for the Washington Humane Society. Having served on the Executive Committee in 2011 & 2012, raising $5,000 & $31,500 respectively, Susan continues to support The Humane Society by attending local Naples events this year like the Pet Lovers Gala at The Botanical Garden and Woofstock at Mercato. She was recently appointed to the Naples Humane Society Board of Directors as their most recent Board Member and very excited to a part of this wonderful community that shares her love and compassion for animals. As a member of ASMALLWORLD she has an International connection and enjoys attending Art Basel in Miami and Sundance Film Festival in Park City. In addition to her Philanthropy, Susan loves travel, tennis, yoga, and skiing. Currently living in The Biltmore at Bay Colony she still owns a row house in Georgetown splitting her time between the two residences and traveling abroad.

Martha Ostrowski

Martha's interest in jewelry began when she decided to open a retail jewelry store over 35 years ago. At that time, she was able to work closely with a jeweler who immigrated from Russia. They collaborated in redesigning antique jewelry. Most of the inventory was diamonds and fine jewelry. She enjoyed traveling all over the world to attend International Jewelry Shows to meet with a variety of unique designers. With her daughter's recent completion of a Continuing Education Program at The Corcoran School of Art & Design in Jewelry Design, they have formed a Mother/Daughter team. Martha will be focusing on higher end brands. They are venturing into a very exciting under-taking of private showings of the collections that they personally select.

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